Terms And Conditions Of Carriage

  1. Our business transactions are concluded on the basis of the conditions mentioned below, as long as they do not differ to other regulations, CMR = Agreement on contract of carriage for the International transport of goods. RHA = Agreement on contract for the National transport of goods. Different agreements or business conditions shall be valid in particular cases only if confirmed in writing. We are entitled to engage other sub-contractors for the execution of our contractual obligations where necessary.

  2. Unless otherwise agreed all costs and fees which occur in connection with official expenses as well as with fees for police escorts are to be borne by the customer. It will be detailed in our quotation should this be a foreseeable event.

  3. The customer is obliged to provide the goods which are to be transported in a proper condition necessary for the execution of the transport, in line with the requirements listed in our pre-transport preparation section. Moreover he/she is obliged to inform us prior to the dispatch in due time about the correct measurements, weights and special characteristics.

    Accessories and additional loads, such as filled diesel and petrol tanks, any kind of lacquers, varnish and caustic materials which belong to the Ordnance on Hazardous Substances are to be removed from the good which is to be transported. Our drivers are authorised at any time to remove any material mentioned above. In case the customer fails in his/her aforesaid duties they shall be liable for all damages and costs which may occur, in particular for those damages and costs which arise at our Company.

  4. We shall not be liable for unforeseeable damages which occur for the following reasons; loss of vehicle, machines or working devices or similar circumstances as well as strike, street or port barricades as well as force majeure.

  5. For loading and unloading purposes two hours shall be included free of charge, each further hour will be charged at the rate of £50.00 per hour up to a maximum of £500 per day.

  6. Payment terms are strictly cash / bank transfer prior to delivery.

  7. We will make all efforts to properly fulfil your wishes. As a result of the characteristic and the technical demand of abnormal load transports we explicitly draw your attention to the fact that any liability for keeping to scheduled dates and deadlines is excluded and the acceptance of the order naturally presupposes the possibility of the delay of the transport on the scheduled traffic routes as well as on the departure and access roads.

  8. Under CMR your vessel is insured to the level of around £8,000 - £10,000 per tonne dependant upon the strength of the pound, to a maximum £300,000. Under RHA your vessel is insured to the level of £1,300 per tonne and we highly recommend that customers obtain a transport insurance contract with their insurers to cover the difference for the period it is in transport.